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Matthias Church,  Budapest, Hungary.

The Matthias Church, Church of our Lady, also known as, Coronation Church
is one of the principle sights of the capital city of Budapest, Hungary. It is the
successor to a church built in the time of King Bela  IV between 1255 & 1269,
which was rebuilt on several occasions. In 1526 the building was destroyed by
fire and 15 years later it was converted into a mosque.  When the Turks were
driven out, by the Austrians, the Jesuits made themselves responsible for the
Church of our Lady, and renovated it in to a Baroque style.   The Church was
reconstructed in to a more Gothic style between 1874 and 1896.

sketches in pencil

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Description Of This Pencil Drawing.
The Dimensions are, (W) 22.2 cm ( 8.70") x (H) 16.5 cm ( 6.50")

This pencil sketch is reproduced to the exact size of the original drawing.

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