Paintings & Drawings In Water Colours

The Opium Poppy,  Papaver somniferum.

The Opium Poppy which is also known as Papaver somniferum occurs throughout the British Isles, either
as a garden escape or as a relic of cultivation.   This Poppy has been widely cultivated throughout Europe
and Asia since about the second millenium BC.   It flowers during July and August and has a very distinct
flower colour with a sage/mint green stem and leaves.  Below is a beautiful original water colour painting.

water color drawings and paintings of flowersDescription Of This Water Colour Painting.

The Dimensions are,
(W) 15.8 cm ( 6.25") x (H) 22.8 cm ( 9.00")

This painting is reproduced to the exact
size of the original water colour.

A limited edition print, signed and dated by
the artist, can be yours for only 140.00
(or the equivalent in your currency)
including shipping.

A Print Run Of 800 Is Guaranteed.

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