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Wild Rabbit,  Oryctolagus Cuniculus.

Experts are fairly confident that the ‘Normans’ introduced the rabbit to Britain.
The colour of this animal varies considerably, usually buff, sprinkled with black.
Rabbits are normally silent except when seeing an enemy when they are known
to thump the ground.  Enemies are of the Weasel family, Fox, Badger, Owls and
Hawks.  Rabbits chiefly eat grass, although they will occasionally eat snails and
earthworms. It nests in burrows and has approximately 2 to 8 young, with higher
numbers in the warmer months.  They can devastate the crop and inflict serious
damage for the British farmer.  Between 1954 / 55, an introduced disease called
myxomatosis killed so many wild rabbits they became a very rare animal.
The Wild Rabbit is now recovering and numbers are increasing.

water color drawings of animalsDescription Of This Water Colour Painting.

The Dimensions are,
(W) 11.5 cm ( 4.50") x (H) 11.5 cm ( 4.50")

This painting is reproduced to the exact
size of the original water colour.

A limited edition print, signed and dated by
the artist, can be yours for only £70.00
(or the equivalent in your currency)
including shipping.

A Print Run Of 800 Is Guaranteed.

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