Landscape Paintings In Oils, On Canvas.

Fort Clonque,  Alderney,  English Channel Islands.

This limited edition oil painting, on canvas, depicts Fort Clonque, Alderney, Channel Islands.
This beautiful fort is situated on  Alderney,  one of the  British Channel Islands, which is just
the coast of  France.   This very small Island has a wealth of history dating back to the stone
age.  It is only three and a half miles long by one and a half miles wide. The barracks on Fort
Clonque  date back to the  17th  Century.   Troopers were stationed here to man a small gun
battery, and to guard the sea passage through the  ‘Swing’   (a strip of water off shore).   The
causeway, leading towards the fort, was built in 1850 to improve access over the natural tidal
causeway to the islet.  It was strengthened by the Germans in 1944.   The fort was completed
in 1855.   It mounted ten guns and had a complement of 59 men.  The fort was sold off by the
war department with several other forts on the Island in 1930,  it went for £ 27, at auction.

landscape oil paintings.Description Of This Painting In Oils.

The Dimensions are,
(W) 50.8cm ( 20.00") x (H) 40.7 cm ( 16.00")

This oil painting is reproduced to
the exact size of the original.

A limited edition print, signed and dated by
the artist, can be yours for only £140.00
(or the equivalent in your currency)
including shipping.

A Print Run Of 800 Is Guaranteed.

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