Landscape Paintings In Oils, On Canvas.

Bourn Church,  Cambridgeshire,  England.

Bourn,  which means a small river, is named after the brook in the village now called Bourn
Brook. The church dates back to 1275 and the first vicar was Reverend Roger. The village
appears in the Doomsday Book and was the seat of  Picot, Sheriff of Cambridgeshire.   The
Castle on this site was burnt down in the reign of  Henry 111,  only the vestiges of the moat
remains. The chancel arch was widened during the restoration in 1875. The nave pillars are
transitional and Norman,  some are circular and some are octagonal in the south chantry of
St. Mary.   The transept contains the tomb of the founder and a piscine.   Underneath is the
vault of the De La Warr family.   The Tower is a fine example of an early English tower the
spire is wooden covered with lead and has a decided bend. The old stain glass windows seen
in this oil painting were all broken in 1643 by William Dowsing, however a few fragments of
the old windows are still to be seen.  Here then, is a lovely painting in oils, on canvas.

landscape oil paintings.Description Of This Painting In Oils.

The Dimensions are,
(W) 45.7cm ( 18.00") x (H) 50.8 cm ( 20.00")

This oil painting is reproduced to
the exact size of the original.

A limited edition print, signed and dated by
the artist, can be yours for only 140.00
(or the equivalent in your currency)
including shipping.

A Print Run Of 800 Is Guaranteed.

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