Welcome To A Selection Of Drawings
And Paintings, In Oils & Water Colors.

Fine Art From Cambridge Artist Rebecca Tindall.

All of the fine art, sketches, drawings &
paintings, shown on this website are
limited edition, original paintings.
These water colours and oil paintings
have been lovingly created by Rebecca.

Rebecca was Born in 1959 near the village of
Woolley, South Yorkshire, England.

Her childhood was surrounded by nature and
the beautiful English countryside.

At a very early age she became fascinated in the detail
and diversity of all the living things which surrounded
her, and started to illustrate them in drawings and paintings.

water color drawings fine art and paintings of birds
Click Here to view water colour
paintings of birds.

Life took her on through a medical and then on to a
business career, unfortunately neither profession
allowed her the time to reflect on her real love - painting
and drawing, and the longing for one day to become an artist.

Rebecca has had no formal training in either painting or
drawing, not even taking art classes! but her work has
developed a distinctive freshness all of its own.
She paints in a unique and un-moulded style which is only
seen in natural talent.

After much encouragement and recognition of her ability
Rebecca has decided to become a full time artist.

I, along with many others already enjoy and appreciate
Rebecca's work, and I hope you will too.

Adrian Johnstone.
fine art water color drawings and paintings of flowers
Click Here to view water colour
paintings of flowers.

fine art oil paintings of landscapesfine art landscape paintings kings college

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landscape paintings in oils.

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landscapes in water colours.

fine art and sketches in pencil fine art paintings in water colors

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drawings & sketches in pencil.

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water colours of animals.

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